Free Initial Consultation.

For your convenience we offer two types of Advisory Services, Investment Management Services (fee based), and Consulting Services (hourly rate). A Client with the Investment Management Services (fee based) DOES NOT incur hourly charges.

Being a fee based advisory firm allows us to make decisions in the clients’ best interest. When buying securities we’re not making a commission, so we purchase securities that make the most sense for the client and their financial goals.

Investment Management Services

Our Investment Advisor fees are generally charged as a percentage of assets under management. We have a sliding scale for accounts of various sizes and complexities. Fees are generally are dictated by the following factors:

  • Volume of Assets Under Management
  • Number of Account Registrations
  • Complexity of the Situation
  • Securities Used to Implement our Investment Solutions
  • Frequency of Client Review Meetings
  • Consulting Services

Contact us to discuss what we can offer for you.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services are typically unique to every client situation. Our fee structure may be in the form of an hourly rate, a project fee, or an ongoing, flat retainer fee. Each potential client situation is fully assessed and documented up front so that the fee structure is reasonable and fair to both the client and our firm.