Our Ideal Client

We work with a wide array of clients, from elderly retirees to young professionals and from burgeoning families to large family estates. We work with small companies with just a few employees and larger companies with 100 or more. We welcome clients of all backgrounds with a need for direction and/or purpose in the management of their wealth, estate, or employee benefits.

A large number of clients seek our services because they are dissatisfied with their current advisors or they desire to align their investments with their values & beliefs. Many others come to us during any number of circumstances:

  • Like an inheritance, settlement, divorce, retirement, or loss of a family member
  • Sale of a home, company, or other large asset
  • Looking to simplify and streamline their money management process
  • Are not achieving acceptable investment returns
  • Experiencing ineffective diversification and interested in a primary financial leader
  • Would like to recapture time through delegation of this process

We recognize that our clients lead active and complex lives. Our clients appreciate that managing their investments is more complicated and time-consuming than ever before. They acknowledge that working with specialized investment professionals provides them with a level of confidence and security. Our clients benefit from our approach to Wealth Accumulation and Estate Preservation which includes coordinating our planning with tax, legal, and insurance professionals. We follow a disciplined approach to balance risk and return, and believe that educating clients enables them to make informed decisions.